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TOP X Econsave contest 2019

by Bargain Hunter

Want to win prizes up to RM 25000. It’s easy. You just need to buy, answer and win with TOP X Econsave contest 2019.

Contest period : 1 March – 30 April 2019

Follow these steps to enter the buy, answer and win TOP X Econsave contest 2019.

STEP 1 : Buy TOP Turbo or Plush products worth RM 30 and above in a single receipt in any Econsave Malaysia branch.

STEP 2 : Answer 2 simple questions :
1. TOP Turbo Clean memberikan anda berapa kali kuasa pembersihan dalam separuh masa?
ii) TOP Turbo CLean menjimatkan separuh masa pembasuhan baju dalam kitaran ‘Quick Wash’, benar atau salah?

3. Upload the sales receipt and the following information to +6012-6819733
TOP Turbo Clean <jarak>Nama<jarak>12 digit IC no<jarak>receipt number<jarak>1st answer<jarak>2nd answer

Terms and conditions apply :

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